The Jackalope Patrol is a group of outstanding individuals that have made their way through the ranks of Boy Scout Troop 172.  Since its creation in 1990, the Jackalope Patrol has produced 48 Eagle Scouts.  Although the members of the Jackalope are intelligent, hard working and caring people, the primary value held by its members is friendship.  It is hard to find a time that the group is not together.  This friendship has been the largest factor of the Patrol.  While at troop functions they never lose sight of what has been the glue that has held this fine group together.  They never fail to have fun no matter what they are doing, however while having fun they remain respectful.

The Jackalope Patrol has evolved to a family. Even after members move on to the next step in life, whether it is college or employment, they always find their way back home.  If you ask any of the members who is one of their role models, the answer “Chuck” (Chuck Mertes: Scout Master, 1994-present ) will definitely be given.  Chuck has been a father figure for everyone in the Troop especially for those in the Jackalope Patrol.  His arms are always open, his front door is always unlocked to greet his “kids” when they come to visit or stay the night, and most importantly his heart is always open and understanding.